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Sterkfontein would have been a steamy tropical jungle at the time the "Little Foot" entered Southern Africa.Bipedalism is a major biological adaptation (Leakey, 1994).©1 Return to: Human evolution index page (see books) About six or seven million years ago there were no bipedal creatures resembling humanity.The earth was rich with diverse life forms, all subject to and shaped by natural forces and not the slightest signs of the intelligence and creativity that typifies humanity.Some foot bones of such a creature have been found in South Africa (Sterkfontein caves).

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Some trails are 50 metres long and are entirely human, with a well developed arch to the foot!The big toe angles away from the foot and the joints suggesting that it was highly mobile (Tobias, 1995).Scientists place these with Australopithecus (the "southern ape"), a hominid that lived in East and South Africa between 4.4 and 1.4 million years ago (" 1.4 to 4 lines ago ") (Avers, 1989).Some say there is too much biological discontinuity for the two creatures to be directly related.Others say that bipedalism requires important changes to the bones, muscle arrangement and limb movement.

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